Dimes - Yves Blue on White - Residential Coated Wallpaper Sample

$ 10.00


Residential Wallpaper Dimensions

We package and ship in 30 foot double rolls 

Pattern match: 4.5 inch free match

Material: Residential grade coated paper 

Commercial grade options available

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Hand printed in the USA


Fire rating: Class A interior wall and ceiling finish category, ASTM E84 

Custom colors and patterns available

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Description: Exuberant dime-sized dots arranged in matrix. Luxe metallic inks create an ornate, polished finish. Hand printed. 4.5 inch free match. Three colorways: Gold on White, Gold on Charcoal, Yves Blue on White.



P E G   C U S H I O N   P I L L O W   P I N C U S H I O N   P O L K A   H O L E   P U N C H  C O I N   P E N N I E S   N I C K E L S   D I M E S